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SIM Surgical
German Quality Surgical Instruments and Implants Manufactured in the USA

A Contract Medical Manufacturing Company

SIM Surgical is a contract medical manufacturing company that specializes in the machining of German quality surgical instruments for micro and macro applications and the production of medical implants (bone screws, plates and spacers).

SIM has complemented their many years of experience in German craftsmanship with state-of-the-art precision manufacturing equipment and the latest technologies to create one of today’s highest quality, process-driven manufacturing operations.

SIM produces surgical instruments ranging from precision micro handheld surgical instruments (including forceps, clamps, scissors, needle holders, cutting and clasping devices) used in ophthalmic, neurosurgical, ENT and cardiovascular specialties to macro instruments used in spinal, orthopedic and other surgical areas.

SIM’s medical implants (screws, plates and spacers) are designed for fusion and motion preservation needs.

A Unique Approach to Doing Business

Customers told us that if we could manufacture quality surgical instruments out of German forgings with the flexibility expected of a U.S company, we would have something really special to offer the marketplace. We delivered on that challenge by putting the right people, processes and systems into place to produce a repeatable quality product.

Our customers often refer to SIM as an extension of their operations. They find our responsiveness to their requests and our quick turn-a-round on short production runs refreshing. But, our real point of difference is our in-house prototyping and custom manufacturing capabilities coupled with our dedication to extraordinary customer service.”

Our focus is always on producing the highest quality products and on time delivery.


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